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A name, a guarantee. Which means being different from the rest. Being unique. ASSOLUTO is a condition of being: made in Italy, with research into materials and totally Italian design. A conviction that is not just a slogan, but part of a cultural approach and a know-how that has been built up over time, with experience. The project was launched in 2009, with the aim of creating a collection with a strong personality that boasts local design and production by craftsmen in the province of Belluno. A tradition that has been handed down over the years, of which the people are proud, and which contributes to the company’s position at world level. But Italy is the ideal environment in which the brand has found fertile soil to put down roots.
A technical staff formed in the factories, ensuring independence, which allows them to create and manage their own products in full autonomy. This gives life to a unique view, able to combine past and present, history and modernity. The growth of the markets is possible also thanks to the company’s constant presence in the most important fairs in the sector (Mido in Milan, Silmo in Paris) and on the markets where the collection is distributed. Places where Italian style is appreciated and idealised, as a symbol of exclusiveness and refinement. ASSOLUTO corrective eyewear and sunglasses quickly became a success for their timeless design and intrinsic elegance. They are recognised especially for the accurate research into materials: cellulose acetate and metal. With an extra touch of light, ensured by applying Swarovski rhinestones, handcrafted in-house, to match the coloured enamel.  Particulars that make a difference. Details that appeal to an elegant and refined female target, typical of the best Italian tradition. Care for detail and perfection in terms of standard production that is difficult to find in other products. Spectacle frames from the ASSOLUTO Eyewear line define style and anticipate performance: they feature surprising colour combinations, achieved with innovative technologies. Absolute technical and aesthetic details.

Just two years after it was launched, it has conquered the Italian eyewear market. My Way Eyewear, the collection proposed by ASSOLUTO, is now a firmly established reality, not only in the peninsula but also in Northern Europe. 
My Way, literally. A way that is different, because each choice determines your way of being and makes it more and more clear and personal. A strong identity, reflected even in the logo: two apparently identical graphic signs, but which follow opposing directions. My Way: two elements separated by a dotted line, inspired by road signals and aiming to highlight the diversity and freedom with which each person can decide the way to follow. Because that is the idea against which the collection is set. In other words, distinguishing oneself from all that is classic or habitual to create new rules and solutions. A young spirit, because that is the male and female target that the brand wants to reach. The direction is very clear: to satisfy the demands and tastes of a clientele that is in step with the times, and that wants to wear a light, colourful frame, with particular, fine finishes. A range of 40 models, conceived by an Italian designer who works exclusively on My Way. A designer who makes colour the key word of each collection. To obtain a vast range, the material that is best suited for games of transparency and daring, innovative combinations is acetate. My Way corrective eyewear and sunglasses are made of natural materials such as cotton and cellulose paste, and the exclusive colours allow each model to last and age over time. So you can find trendy mirrored lenses for sunglasses and corrective spectacle frames with flex hinges for maximum comfort. But what My Way proposes is also real research into materials. There is also the possibility of gluing different acetates together, sometimes contrasting with each other: contemporary textures, Havana with spots of colour, front and temples in different colours. Alongside the key word – colour – there is also a magic formula: «Easy to wear». Hence the need for every model in the My Way line to satisfy a demand for lightness. In fact, the thicknesses and heights of the temples are never too exaggerated. All this is achieved without losing sight of the current trends, which are constantly evolving. Allowing us to design shapes that are always in line with market demands.